CS4500 & CS5500

The New Intec ColorSplash

Intec’s new CS4000 and CS5000 digital print solutions deliver superb CMYK imaging quality coupled with an expansive media latitude and a flexible, modular range of production options. The CS range utilises advanced organic toner, new LED imaging technology and innovative fusing expertise to deliver stunning image quality every time. The flagship Intec CS5000 model also adds a fifth print station to the conventional CMYK stations, enabling you to broaden your printing capabilities with white or clear effects, helping your business to capture more high value applications and revenue streams.

In contrast to standard office printers, the Intec ColorSplash CS4000 and CS5000 digital imaging systems are aimed towards print professionals seeking an affordable entry level production device, with outstanding print quality, complete media flexibility and the lowest imaging cost possible.

CS4500 & CS5500

Intec ColorSplash digital print production system

Do you require higher paper capacity production printing? The ColorSplash CS4500 or CS5500 is the printer for you!

These models have been designed to handle large quantities of papers and boards, in one load, so that you do not have to continuously reload the printer paper trays. Normal printers can only handle up to 30-40sheets of thick cards at a time whereas the professional digital multi-media feeder and stacker, supplied with these models, can hold thousands of sheets at once. Accepting a stack height of 500mm or 25kg for unattended print production, these units really are a much needed accessorie for any higher production print environment.

Both models include the modular digital multi-media feeder and stacker, printer and storage cabinet to ensure correct height placement.

The multi-media feeder and stacker is designed for handling a range of media, particularly heavy stock substrates such as 300 – 400gsm SRA3 and media up to 675mm in length for tri-fold and gatefold applications.

Available with standard 4 colour (CS4000) or 5 colour (CS5000) colour imaging configurations.

Optional upgrade to high capacity feeder for additional media capacity.