Metal CTP Overview

Intec Printing Solutions Limited is the sole distributor of the Glunz & Jensen range of PlateWriters in the UK and Ireland.

Affordable Digital CtP solutions
Setting new standards in cost, flexibility and speed, the Glunz & Jensen PlateWriter™ Series produce digital CtP plates in daylight and without the use of chemicals. The digitally accurate registration and high quality imaging produces a plate which provides many of the benefits of digital imaging, while delivering a conventional offset plate. Conventional offset printing allows you to increase your profits by reducing your running costs when printing jobs over 500 impressions.

Low Maintenance

Digital plate making provides many advantages, and because the PlateWriterTM Series image in daylight and need no processing chemistry, they eliminate any mess or fuss. No more need to maintain or clean chemical processors.

Low consumption benefits the environment
The PlateWriter™ has the lowest energy usage and heat output in its class. This has a positive effect on your company’s energy balance and eliminates the need for additional air conditioning. In addition, the PlateWriter™ requires no water supply and minimal electricity, providing substantial long term cost savings, while being environmentally friendly.

PlateWriter Concept

PlateWriter 3600 suitable for all 2up and most 4up presses
PlateWriter 2000 ideal for all 2up offset presses
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