LSMR215 Label Slitter and Matrix Remover

LP215 Label printer and LP215 White toner label printer

Intec Printing Solutions is proud to introduce the new LSMR215 label slitter and matrix removal solution. The LSMR215 was developed as an affordable, class-leading solution to provide users of digital label printers with the ability to slit labels and remove waste matrix from pre-die-cut labels, either independently or simultaneously.
This incredibly compact unit includes two motorised core holders, one to rewind your finished labels, and one to rewind the waste matrix material (when required). The input roll holder, also provides a manually adjusted clutch system for easy roll loading and to provide tension for precision label slitting and optimum matrix removal performance.
If you print on pre-die-cut label material, you may need to slit your labels for maximum efficiency. Alternatively, if you are printing on pre-die-cut material with the matrix retained (so you can bleed colour off the edges of your labels), then you will need to remove the matrix (waste) area from your labels prior to sale or application. In either of these cases the Intec LSMR215 will provide a cost-effective solution to slit and/or remove the matrix waste.


• 3 Operating modes: Slit only, remove matrix only, slit and remove matrix simultaneously

• 2 Powered cores/re-wind motors

• Slit your digitally printed labels reliably at impressive speeds of up to 10 metres per minute

• Up to 8 blades maximum for 9 slits (minimum 25mm wide)

• Supplied with 4 slitter blades as standard

• Slitting knives are square, with 4 cutting corners that can all be used before replacement

• Accepts up to a 250mm outer diameter roll

• Short webbing path for minimum waste, quick and easy removal of matrix