Clear and White Toner Printing

The New Intec ColorSplash

The future of creative digital print…

Intec’s CS4000 digital print solutions deliver superb CMYK imaging quality coupled with an expansive media latitude and a flexible, modular range of production options. The ColorSplash (CS) range utilises advanced organic toner, new LED imaging technology and innovative fusing expertise to deliver stunning image quality every time. Also see our flagship Intec CS5000 model also adds a fifth print station to the conventional CMYK stations, enabling you to broaden your printing capabilities with white or clear effects, helping your business to capture more high value applications and revenue streams.

In contrast to standard office printers, the Intec ColorSplash CS5000 digital imaging system is aimed towards print professionals seeking an affordable entry level production device, with outstanding print quality, complete media flexibility and the lowest imaging cost possible.


Intec ColorSplash digital colour printing system

The Intec ColorSplash digital print system produces razor sharp, vibrant images with smooth tonal sweeps. While most imaging devices employ technologies that are 1bpp, Intec’s ColorSplash range use the latest cutting edge LED imaging technology delivering an optical resolution of 1200 dpi, at 4 bits per pixel which, when coupled with Intec optimised screening (iOS4800) delivers up to 16 levels of grey per pixel achieving equivalent to 4800dpi. The CS4000 printer is available with the superb Intec printer cabinet or high capacity feeder unit as shown.


Intec ColorSplash digital envelope production system

Includes the professional envelope feeder, designed for commercial envelope printing applications. Utilising a professional continuous/uninterrupted top loading envelope hopper, which feeds the printer from the bottom of the stack ensuring you can refill the envelopes as you continue to print. Supplied with companion Intec shingling conveyor featuring a variable overlap facility for all envelopes and standard sheet fed print.

Also available with 5 colour imaging configuration (CS5600) for white or clear toner printing.
Supplied as standard on the Intec printer cabinet.
Optional upgrade to high capacity feeder for additional media capacity.

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